Extraction 2: C+

Extraction 2: C+

Before watching Extraction 2 I wondered if I should refresh my memory by rewatching the first film. I decided against it because firstly I do remember thinking it was fairly average at the time and secondly being unable to remember almost anything about it indicates I won't get much satisfaction from watching it again.

Extraction 2 is similarly unlikely to leave much of a lasting impression. The first 20 minutes are very low-key and then it's balls-to-the-walls action for at least a solid hour. I say "at least" because I tapped out with 40 minutes left.

The relentless action sequences are quite well-done and give John Wick a run for its money. In particular there is a long 25-minute combat sequence that is presented as a single continuous shot across many different locations. Despite a handful of small choreography gaffes, it's a real thrill ride.

The first problem is that the action, however well done, becomes monotonous and tedious after a while. The movie is just one big long seemingly-endless fight scene.

The second problem is that even with the minimal amount of actual storyline there are a number of story elements that just don't make sense and are a number of times that the plot is moved forward in a clumsy, heavy-handed way.

As an example of things not making sense, at one point a handful of good guys are besieged in a giant skyscraper of a major European city. Oddly enough, they seem to be the only occupants of the building. One good guy is in a medical bed but there are no doctors or nurses. No receptionists, no janitors.

As an example of the plot being heavy-handed: two times in a row, leading up to the hour-and-20-minute mark, the main bad guy is helplessly incapacitated and the good guys decide to flee rather than finish him off. Why? "So that the rest of the movie can happen," as the Pitch Meeting guy would say. That was the final straw for me: not only is the action relentless, but it loses credibility when the good guys keep ignoring perfect opportunities to finish the fight.