A Better C++ Vector Wrapper In Rogue

When I wrote my first version of this a few days ago I realized that Rogue's inline C++ support was not adequate for working with template types in C++ - there was no way to obtain the C++ name of a Rogue type for templating purposes.

I added a few additional options for the markers that are embedded in the literal strings of inline native code.

I created a GitHub Gist that shows the Vector Wrapper demo with the new modifications. Check it out!

Here are all the possible markers for inline code:

$thisWrites a reference to the current object.
$property_nameAccesses the given property of the current object.
$local_nameAccesses the given local variable.
$(var_name)You can put parens around any of the above.
$(var_name.type)Writes the C++ type name of the given Rogue variable. Parens are required here.
$(var_name.retain)Accesses the given variable, first increasing its reference count if it's a reference type rather than a primitive or compound. Useful in template classes when you don't know whether a variable is a reference type or not. Rogue uses mark and sweep GC but anything with a non-zero reference count is guaranteed not to be collected - necessary if objects are stored in a C++ data structure that Rogue can't see into. Parens required.
$(var_name.release)The corollary to $(name.retain).
$($DataType)Writes the C++ type name of the given template placeholder type. Parens required.